To make furniture removals more convenient, Domain Removalists brings to you yet another service- Balcony lifts in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Sometimes, when people move into their new homes, bringing the furniture inside through the entrance becomes a difficult task simply because the furniture is too big to go through the entrance. Large pieces of furniture are also difficult to transport to an apartment’s topmost floor since they won’t fit inside the lift too. Under such circumstances, the only option that remains is to lift the furniture over the balcony.

Another time when people face this kind of problem is when they buy new furniture for their new home without taking any appropriate measurements. The result is that neither will the new furniture go in through the entrance of the new house nor fit inside the lift to get transported to the topmost floor. In the end, lifting via the balcony is the only available smart solution.


Domain Removalists is a team of experts providing balcony lifts in Brisbane. With more than 20 years of experience in the furniture removal industry, we possess expertise in conducting safe and secure balcony lifts. Besides, as a renowned balcony lifts expert, we can lift a wide array of things over the balcony.

As proficients in balcony lifts in Brisbane, we have an experience of lifting furniture items like large tables, side boards, sofas, large cupboards and ensembles inside the house by lifting over the balcony. Lifting furniture safely via the balcony is a challenging task that requires expertise and careful handling. Our team of balcony lift experts are all qualified and trained that makes them suitable for this kind of job. Besides, we also provide Brisbane to Gold Coast removalist services wherein you can have us to transport your furniture anywhere between Brisbane to Gold Coast areas.

How do we do Balcony lifts in Brisbane and other areas?

We follow a clear-cut strategy to make our balcony lift operation a success and conduct this service in a step-wise method. Firstly, we determine the size, shape and weight of your furniture and ask for an image of your balcony and railing to see how the furniture can be safely lifted over the balcony using straps.

After we have figured out how the furniture will be lifted, we begin with our preparation which includes wrapping the furniture with protective blankets and Shrink Wrap to safely lift it without any damage or scratches. Then we attach the harness or lifting straps to lift the furniture over the balconies.

Sometimes furniture cannot be lifted over a balcony lift with lifting straps due to a difficult access or fragile balcony and so we can only quote on a balcony lift if we are of the opinion that it is possible to do so. We provide reliable and cost-effective balcony lifts in Brisbane and the nearby areas. Our pricing for balcony lifts is dependent upon your requirements and the number of furniture pieces you want to lift via the balcony. Since we possess many years of experience in balcony lifts, if you require our services, you are free to call us any time and we assure you to provide a top quality balcony lift service. To know more about our balcony lifts or Gold Coast removalist services, feel free to give us a call or write to us in our email. We are always delighted to serve you.

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