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When it comes to home moving, packing is the first thing that you will be starting your preparation with. Most homeowners ignore decluttering their houses before moving and as a consequence, packing becomes more difficult and time-consuming. Just when your final moving day is nearing, time is wasted deciding which things to dispose of and which should be packed. If you pack your entire house, you are sure to give your removalist in Toowoomba a moving headache!

Decluttering your home will make packing your stuff easier and offer a trouble-free moving experience. In this blog, we shall highlight:

Importance of decluttering your home

Lesser packing worries: Decluttering your home means fewer things to pack. You can complete packing faster too!

New home, a new beginning: Don’t you want to start everything afresh in your new home? Carrying all your clutter of your previous home could be bothersome, especially for your Toowoomba removalist, when you could live happily with the things that you need.

Get some extra money: Moving home never comes at a cheap rate. By selling your clutter, you can make some extra money which could be of great help during your move.

Best decluttering tips

Do it slowly and steadily: Decluttering your home means you will be disposing of all those useless things. You need a few moments to think whether you will ever require that particular stuff again in your lifetime. So, don’t rush and do one room at a time. This way you’ll be able to differentiate between the useful stuff and get rid of the unwanted things successfully. This will also provide great relief to your removalist in Toowoomba, the person who would be carrying your belongings.

Difference between recycling and trash: It is important for everyone to conscious about how to conserve their environment. First, you need to know the difference between items that can be recycled (it prevents wastage of resources) and those that are actually trash. Things like old newspapers are recyclable while plastic items are trash.

Old clothes: The main component of most homes is clothes. There are just too many clothes in almost all the wardrobes and nobody wants to part with them so easily. The reason? “Perhaps this shirt/top will fit me someday.” Clothes that are old or doesn’t fit you anymore should be done away with and not packed with your regular wear. When you dispose of your old clothes, you have already made packing and carrying stuff 10 times easier for your Toowoomba removalist.

Decluttering mistakes to avoid

Do not stop suddenly: Decluttering your entire home is not easy. Perhaps you can get tired and not feel like doing it anymore. You may want to leave the useless stuff behind instead of segregating but that will make your final moving day more difficult! You will be spending time on each stuff thinking – ‘To carry or not to carry, that is the question!’ So complete decluttering instead of abandoning it halfway.

Avoid buying too many things: One of the main reasons why your house is in such a big clutter is because of your habit of buying everything additionally. Thus, make sure that after buying so many boxes and packing materials to keep your discarded stuff, you haven’t used any of them at all. These will in turn again add to your clutter instead of reducing it. The best solution is to avoid buying so many boxes and materials in the first place; buy as much as required.

Have a decluttering plan: This will make decluttering more convenient and organized.

Stop paying heed to emotional attachment: While decluttering, do not let your emotions get the upper hand. If its a doll that you loved in your childhood or the pen that you used to write for the first time, it is time you get rid of them instead of keeping them safe.

Conclusion: Before you start packing, the very first step is decluttering your home. Not everything that is there in your house, worths your love, care and attention. Besides, decluttering will also streamline your move and make things convenient for your removalist in Toowoomba. To know more about our removalist services, get in touch with us on 0414 628 028.

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