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The ideal time to move home is on a sunny day – when the weather is god, the sun is shining bright and the breeze is soothing enough. But what if the weather condition gets bad on your final moving day? Having a furniture removalist in Toowoomba is one of the most convenient solutions to help you move home when the weather spoils the fun. However, things can still get messy enough and you can’t deny this!

Suppose it is raining heavily and it’ll continue for the next few days. What to do? Should you postpone your move? Not always! In this blog, we shall tell you how to have a smooth moving experience during wet weather conditions.

Trouble-free moving home experience during bad weather conditions:

1. Make your boxes weatherproof: This is the most important step to begin with. If you are moving when the weather is wet, perhaps you wouldn’t like carrying around damp boxes everywhere. So if your moving when the weather is wet, don’t use cardboard boxes; instead go for the plastic ones. Use a good layer of quality tapes to tightly secure the lids and this will prevent water from seeping inside. In the container, place a thick plastic sheet or cloth, put the items on this and fold it. You can also tape it if you are packing in plastic sheets.

2. Have plastic sheets: Plastic sheets are very useful, especially after moving into your new house. You can ask your Toowoomba removalists to spread the plastic sheet on the floor first and then put the boxes on it. This will avoid the water and even dirt that you have bought inside the house (from your shoes or boxes), from spoiling your new flooring.

3. Use plastic containers: Cardboard boxes are likely to get easily damaged if you are moving in bad weather. Comparatively plastic boxes are sturdier and provide better protection to your items when being moved in the rain. Your things will remain safe and dry throughout the journey as water cannot seep in easily. Only be careful about the lids – make sure they are tight and if there are gaps, use plastic to cover them.

4. Wrap the items: For things like towels, blankets and clothes, pack them in layers. In other words, before placing them in the plastic bags, wrap them in 2-3 layers of plastic sheets, tape and then place them inside double plastic bags. This will keep the items dry, no matter how many hours later your furniture removalist in Toowoomba deliver them to your home.

5. Have professional removalist services: You are going to thank yourself later for deciding to have the services of a professional Toowoomba removalist company. Why? As the professionals are trained to provide you with a trouble-free moving experience even during the heaviest downpour. They are aware of the appropriate technique, use quality packing materials and keep your belongings safe and secured no matter how bad the weather condition might be.

Conclusion: Moving home is a difficult task and if it is raining, it gets all the more arduous. Have you ever thought of how will you move your mattress, electronic gadgets, artworks and appliances through the rains? It is advisable to have the services of a professional furniture removalist in Toowoomba. With such moving experts by your side, you can expect a smooth moving despite bad weather. To know more about our removalist services, visit us on

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