Why is insurance necessary before your local/interstate move?

As a leading furniture removalist company, we take pride in handling your possessions by bestowing the required care and safety. However, under unforeseen circumstances, situations may arise when furniture can get damaged during the move.

We understand how valuable your possessions are and since we take into consideration the best interests of both the parties concerned (us the removalist and you the customer), we require you as our customer to be covered or disclaim accountability.

The Financial Services Reform Act 2000 mandates an agency to have a license before selling insurance.

There is no such removalist who can provide full coverage for their clients’ moves.

In this respect, we recommend all customers to insure their possessions before moving as insurance is cost effective as well as easily available.
We are always ready to explain about insurance; especially when we speak to you before you book our service and again before we begin your removals.

We accept to conduct a client’s move on two conditions:

  • You, the customer, must get your possessions insured before we commence our move.
  • If you, the customer, do not insure your possessions, you must accept complete responsibility and accountability for any or all damage induced upon your possessions during the course of your move.

You can easily obtain a policy now at www.removalsinsurance.com.au

Arrowsmith and Petrucelli Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

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Please note: Domain Removalists takes complete care and efficiently transports all your possessions but no responsibility or liability for possessions that get damaged during the course of your move.
All furniture removals done with Domain Removalists are subjected to the acceptance of the terms and conditions on this page.

Our refund policy: We do not provide refunds at all

We look forward to assist you with your move, interstate or local.

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