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For most people, moving is a tedious and gruelling experience. However, among the things that can take much of the pressure off your shoulders is having a reliable moving partner to help you with the heavy lifting (literally speaking) as well as the intricate logistics. For this reason, you might consider looking into enlisting the help of interstate furniture removals in Brisbane.

What We Do

Domain Removalists is among the most recognised Brisbane interstate removalist companies. We offer customised services to homes, offices and apartments.
Our services include:

  • Handling your Pre-packing process.
  • Transporting your furniture and other items to the requested location.
  • Unpacking your items at the new location.

We offer these services for private homes, offices as well as business holdings.

Our Fleet

We have both medium-sized and large trucks in our well-maintained fleet. The 4.5 ton and 10-ton trucks are sufficiently equipped to handle both domestic and business relocation needs. Our fleet can move small units or large house, safely and quickly.


We are based in Toowoomba and Brisbane, and serve the larger local areas between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Ipswich and all cities between as well as interstate up and down the East Coast between Brisbane Sydney Melbourne and Canberra.


To complement our fleet, we have a well-trained, seasoned crew that can pack all your items and deliver even the most fragile pieces of furniture. We have taken extra care to ensure we have a trained a friendly, customer-focused, hardworking crew in place. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure your furniture gets to where you need it to be.

You do not have to worry about your fragile, expensive or sentimental items being damaged in packing or transit.


We have ensured that our pricing model is:

  • Hidden-costs free. The quote is what you shall be expected to pay.
  • We price with hourly rates for local moves or cubic metre volume for interstate moves.
  • Competitive, without compromising on the quality of services we deliver.
  • Reasonably calculated regardless of whether its business or home relocation, and irrespective of whether you need one mover or an entire team. There are no big or small jobs with us. We prioritise each customer and strive to deliver the quality service we have become synonymous with.

Why Choose Us

When you need a professional and dependable local or interstate removal company, here is why you should pick Domain Furniture Removals each time:

  • As a leading interstate removalist in Brisbane, we have a consistent 20 years in this industry, with stellar reviews.
  • We are open for business seven days a week. If you need to move on a weekend to minimise interruption to your regular schedule, we can handle it for you.
  • We are big on schedules and deadlines. We appreciate that your relocation plans can at times interfere with other functions. As such, we try to adhere to your deadlines and minimise any inconveniences.
  • We have invested in furniture blankets and special padding that we use to wrap and cushion your furniture against knocking against each other in transit. This significantly minimises instances of damage in transit.
  • We offer packing facilities if you prefer not to do it yourself. Here are the benefits of using our packing services:
    • We can quickly pack up your house as we have the manpower and the expertise as well as packing tools and boxes.
    • You have the peace of mind of letting a professional like Domain Furniture Removals handle packing your items.
    • You are assured your fragile or valuable items will be wrapped and packed with care in the packing process and if you choose to pack your goods yourself we can arrange insurance at a nominal cost.
  • We carefully disassemble larger pieces such as bed and cots. Upon we can also carefully re-assemble them at your new location upon request. We can also re-install your washing appliance at the new home you are relocation to, simply let us know in advance and we can arrange for you.
  • We are also balcony lifts specialists. This is a faster and safer way of moving bulky furniture into high rise buildings. This furniture would otherwise not fit through the doors or lifts of such a building. See our page on balcony lifts for details.
  • We can also arrange storage space at local secure storage facilities for items you do not want to dispose of, and haven’t got the space to store yourself.

Not all interstate furniture removals in Brisbane offer this service.

How to Help Us Move You

Your goal is to have a quick, move. Ours is too. On the moving day, here are some ways in which you can support us move you faster.

  • Trust us to get the job done by being in our way as little as possible. However, do not leave the site completely. It’s useful to have you around in case we have any questions or need additional instructions. Be available, but not in the way.
  • If you have any money, jewellery, prescription drugs and important documents in your home, move these beforehand. While we are a reputable Brisbane interstate removalist firm, doing this gives you added peace of mind, and you do not have to look for them at the new location. Further, if you wait till the last minute to find such items before letting us pack and load up your items, it will take us longer. It is also likely to increase your total cost.
  • Assist your movers by letting them know how to best access your building. If they will require a special access pass, ensure this is ready and is in their possession before the move or as soon as they arrive on location.

As the top interstate removalist in Brisbane and Toowoomba, we understand your packing and moving needs. Coupled with our superior route-planning skills and 15 years of industry experience, we will make your next move the easiest you have ever had. To get a quote for your next move, contact us today.

Domain Removalists

Small and Large moves, whatever your needs, we do it all for you!

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