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Domain Removalists has been in delivering quality furniture removals for 20 years. We are family-owned and operated and are one of the most time and cost efficient Melbourne to Brisbane removalist company conducting local and interstate moves. We have a base in Toowoomba, Queensland yet we provide the majority of our services in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We are a team of highly professional and thoroughly trained furniture removal specialists, guaranteed to meet your furniture removal and transportation needs. Whether you want to move out of or into Brisbane or interstate to Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, we relocate your home or business, or move your items into a store unit, Domain Removalists has everything you could possibly need.

Although our competitors in Brisbane and Sydney may offer you an amazing prices to match ours, we never compromise in terms of our customer service! You can always rely on us to offer you an absolutely affordable rate of prices; whether you have decided to relocate your home or your office. You may come across another company that pitches prices lower than what we may offer you; however, you would definitely run the risk having your items missing, being handled roughly,or even having the removalist take their sweet time with moving your home or office space, which could cause inflated prices, defeating the purpose of choosing them in the first place, when you could choose us, a company with nearly two decades of experience, and a great reputation.

There are no hidden costs or fees, as we guarantee you the best rate in furniture removals. We give your our honest rates and prices upfront. If you are in need of an affordable, low-cost Melbourne to Brisbane or Brisbane to Canberra removalist services , here are some interstate removalist Melbourne to Brisbane that we offer:

Professional Pre-packing

Our Pre-Packing for Melbourne to Brisbane furniture removals includes the materials that are necessary to pack up your office or home. These materials include items such as boxes, tape, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, and everything in-between to reassure you that your items arrive where they need to in one piece. Ask us about the advantages of us doing the packing for you or call us for a price on the packing materials. Of course, you are always free to pack up the items yourself, allowing us to simply provide the move for you.


We understand that sometimes just reopening all of the packages after moving can become an overwhelming chore. With our 20 years of our top of the line furniture removalist expertise, we will handle this complex process by providing the absolute delicate care of unpacking everything for you. Just tell us where to place everything, and we will take it from there.

Furniture & Personal Items Transportation

We currently have a fleet of fully equipped 4.5 and 10 tonne trucks. This allows us to have the capability necessary to move anything ranging from the size of a small office unit to a mansion. We also provide furniture and personal item transportation services from the home or office into a storage facility. NO job is too great or too small for Domain removalists Melbourne to Brisbane interstate removalist services!

Complete Furniture Removals

We are more than happy to remove everything from your home or office that you want relocated without you having to lift a finger. Tell us what needs to go, and we will move it right out of the way for you.

Office Removals & Business Relocation Services

We provide expert Melbourne to Brisbane removalist services, as well as anywhere in between and locally in Brisbane and Sydney. Let us know where you have decided to relocate your business space, and we will be more than happy to assist in getting your office furniture and appliances there with no worries.

Interstate Furniture Removals

Although we specialize in furniture removal service, we also provide our high quality, top of the line furniture removal services to other states. Our interstate removalist Melbourne to Brisbane and other interstate services are highly reputable, as we offer all of the same services with the same quality, continuing to exceed your expectations as we enchant you with our skills as your Melbourne to Brisbane interstate removalist company. We offer Premium interstate service with a standard cubie meter rate or we can also offer you discounted backload cubic meter rates to customers that are moving interstate whereby the truck is shared by several customers, and we are delighted to offer the transportation for your goods.

Don't wait until the very last minute to give us a call for your next move. If you are wanting the absolute, greatest furniture removal service to move or relocate your home or office space, make us your top priority to contact us so that you can experience what it is like to be ours!

Complete the form located on this website to get a free quote. You can also email us at, or CALL US at 0414 628 068 to speak with us for more information, and to schedule your move.

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Please be aware that certain circumstances out of our control may cause the pace of our work to slightly decrease. Things such as stairs (the climb increases the work load), long or distant driveway entrances, lift sharing (with other patrons or residences as we work), steep hills, handling of expensive and/or extremely fragile valuables, and requesting the incorrect truck size for transporting (example: using a small truck to move a large house which results in multiple trips), are important to factor in when placing your order, or requesting your quote. Please be sure to make necessary accommodations for these circumstances, if possible, in order for us to be able to do our very best in serving you. We greatly thank you in advance.

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