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Moving to a new home is like beginning a new story; it is the starting of a new chapter in your life. It is no less than an adventure that is full of unknown stuff. New place, new experience, new people – everything is fun, exciting and thrilling. But when it comes to packing all your stuff, your happiness and excitement seem to fly off the window. This is the case if you attempt to pack and move alone. But if you intend to avoid moving home horrors that you may have heard from your friends and relative, you must hire a professional for Toowoomba removals to sort out everything appropriately. The professionals will assist you in packing, loading, transporting and even unpacking your stuff.

In this blog, we shall make your home moving easier by telling you how, when and from where to start.

1. Bedroom: Begin with removing all your clothes and packing them in boxes or suitcases. You can roll these clothes and make more space in the box/ storage packs. Store family pictures, jewellery and memoirs in one place and gadgets like remotes, cell phones in another place. Label these boxes/containers to avoid confusion. Have a separate storage place to keep all your pillows, bed sheets, blankets and bed linens. For the furniture, assign the task of packing and loading to your professional Toowoomba removalist; they will disassemble the parts of the furniture, store and load them in their trucks safely.

2. Kitchen and dining room: Don’t shop for any grocery a week before your move; defrost your refrigerator at least 48 hours before your expert furniture removalist arrives to remove it. For the glassware, wrap all of them individually in layers of newspapers and bubble wraps. Do not keep the glasses on top of each other to avoid breakage. You can keep the various crockeries together – one box for all the bowls, another for all glasses, dishes wrapped and kept in another box and so on. For all your kitchen appliances like mixer, blender, microwave, pack them in thick layers of plastic wrappers, tie a cord tightly around with duct tape; this will prevent damage.

3. Living room: Put all the gadgets in their boxes if you still have them or else again pack them in plastic wrappers, blankets, bed sheets or bubble wraps and tie a thick cord around. This will prevent any damage or scratches. If there are artworks like portraits and paintings, wrap them in blankets and NOT in plastic as it will ruin the quality. Put all the living room decor in one box; this should include showpieces, remotes, clocks or other knick-knacks that you may find lying anywhere in the room. Your Toowoomba removals expert will take care of packing and loading the furniture of this room so you don’t need to do anything about that.

4. Bathroom: There aren’t many things to pack from this room. Pack the toiletries in a box – this should contain your toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, sanitizers and so on. If you have a bathroom cabinet to store all your towels and bathrobes, take them out and keep them in a separate box. Make sure you label this box as well.

Conclusion: By reading this room-wise packing checklist, now you know where, when and how of packing. Besides, having your Toowoomba removals expert by your side will also make the first step of your move (packing), smooth, trouble-free and quick. To know more about Toowoomba removalist services, call us on 0414 628 028.

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