Professional Local and Interstate Removalists and Trucks Prices

Local Moves


One Man and Truck – $90.00 p/h
Two Men and Truck – $150.00 p/h
Additional Men Priced at $60.00 p/h


One Man and Truck – $100.00 p/h
Two Men and Truck – $170.00 p/h

All Hourly Rates include GST
(prices current as from 10/01/2019)
Tolls: The cost of tolls incurred during a customers move or in transit to, or from, the customers home is billed to the customer and added to the total of all jobs.

Local Moves are charged Door to Door

Fair half hour call out fee if more the 10km from CBD
Return travel charged back to base if destination if local or rural area move (unless is firm quote)
Balcony Lifts: Price available upon request.

Interstate Moves

Interstate move prices are based on per cubic meter rate.
There are two options available – the Backload option or the Premium Move.
Back Load is a cheaper option and uses shared space in a truck and a delivery time of 2-3 days.

The Premium service consists of standard cubic meter rate pricing, with strict delivery deadlines, and depends on the customers’ requirements.
With all cubic metre moves if we price a interstate move with a estimate cubic meter volume and when we arrive the amount is considerably more then the price is adjusted accordingly to actual cubic metre volume of goods.

When making a Booking please quote move type and time, date, address details.
Trucks are suitable for all moves, ranging from

  • Large Office Removalists services
  • Small Office Removalist
  • Home Furniture Removals – Large Houses, Small Units/Apartments
  • Storage to Home
  • Home to Storage

Please note that we have a minimum 2 hours and minimum 3 hours on Sunday (for local moves)

Aspects Which May Affect the Removalist Quotes

When it comes to moving home or your office, there are some realistic variable which may affect the duration of your move and total cost of your quote.
Difficult access is often most observable is ease or difficulty of access at the points of origin and destination. These are some elements of access which affect the time required on the job and therefore influence the final cost.

Among them are:

  • Walking distance: Long driveways or steep hills can make it take longer if we can’t get the truck near the entrance may also be challenging if a complex doesn’t allow parking close by. In short, the closer we can get our truck to your property the faster we can do your move.
  • Lifts: having a lift access in your unit or office may appear as though it will be faster, but every now and then it can mean double handling if we have to share the lift. If the lift is busy and we have to wait it can take more time.
  • Stairs: although we are fit and strong and can carry furniture up and down stairs all day long it will take longer than level access. For example, if a unit is on the third level with 15 stairs on each level each time up and down is 30 stairs and 30 times back and forth to the truck that results in 900 stairs carry several tonne of furniture so it takes time. If there are no stairs, we would be able to wheel everything on the dollies and trolleys. While we are very fit and capable, understandably it takes more time to travel a flight of stairs than in a straight line.

The second aspect will be the drive time between the old and new locations. Thirdly, the cost will also be affected by the quantity and nature of your goods; if they happen to be fragile, expensive, heavy or huge, the price may go up a bit. Lastly, the number and size of trucks necessary and the number of removalists will determine the final cost. While it seems a smaller truck and fewer removalists is the cheaper option initially, if it would take twice as long and you’re paying an hourly rate, then it might end up being not as cost-effective.
Other variables which will have affect the figures on the removalist quotes will be whether or not you need special packing materials for fragile items or whether you require your belongings to be packed on your behalf. You should also be aware of “back-to-base” charges or fuel levies, if any, which can also affect the final cost.

While our affordable rate may not be the cheapest available, whatever you have to pay are significantly cheaper than replacing damaged or scratched furniture or worse, treasured pieces! And the likelihood of this happening is extremely high with cheap but inexperienced removalists. For the price you pay, you get peace of mind being moved by very experienced movers who focus on taking good care of your belongings.

Payment Terms

Domain Removalists requires payment in full upon completion of your move and interstate moves require a pre-authorisation before your move on the day of loading the truck.

We accept payment in cash or Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Visa and Mastercard payments incur a 2.6% surcharge and America Express payments incur a 2.36% surcharge.
If your card facility does not go through correctly then we require payment in full in cash.
We do not accept personal cheques or company cheques!
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